Local Board of Governance

Our Local Board Positions and the members currently elected to them for 2018

  1. President – Siu G Wong
  2. Vice President – Rusty Chan (Past President)
  3. National Representative to the National Board – Fay Yao
  4. Secretary – Robert Louie
  5. Assistant Secretary – Roger Billau
  6. Treasurer – T. Steven Lee (Past President)
  7. Financial Secretary – William Kwan
  8. Membership Chair/Collector – Linda Louie
  9. Marshal – Helen Leung
  10. Sentinal – Cecily Yee (Past President)
  11. Compliance Officer/Newsletter Editor – Nina Stephenson and Thomas Wong
  12. Compliance Officer – Thomas Wong
  13. Sister Cities Chair – David Hsi (Past President)

Past Presidents & Voting Advisers:  Rusty Chan, Robert Y. Lee, Tony Q. Chan, Li Lee Louie, Ely Yao, Richard Ming, Cecily Yee, David Hsi, and former Local and National President Carolyn Chan.